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Welcome to Threat Based Threads!

We are a Law Enforcement & Veteran Owned & Operated company.  We began this journey to help Give Back to the LEO Community, and especially to those family members of our fallen Brother’s & Sister’s who defend the Blue Line. It is also our goal to raise awareness and help for officers and veterans nationwide who are wounded in the line of duty, and those suffering from PTSD due to traumatic experiences on the job.  Your purchase helps and has helped us donate Directly to Families of Fallen Officers, as well as multiple PoliceMilitary Charities & Foundations throughout the nation.

As a retired police officer, I know the importance of giving back to the LE community, and we LOVE our Blue Line Family, no matter what State, Agency, Uniform and Shoulder Patch, WE ARE ONE!!!

Thank you for helping us Give Back,
Mike Davis, Owner

“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting”
Walt Disney

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