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Our NEW Tactisling Go Bag!!

I have been working on putting a #gobag together for a while now, and NOW it’s HERE!!! At last years #msstc there were 2 members from the San Bernardino SWAT team who came to do a presentation on their debrief from the #activeshooter they had in 2015. One of the things they brought up was Go Bags. They said there were multiple on and off duty officers that were in the area of the shooters but they couldn’t respond and assist because they didn’t have a combination of or any of the following: their firearms, extra ammo, handcuffs, police identification and ballistic protection. They said if every officer had a Go Bag, with those essentials they, could assist in an active shooter and possibly stop innocents from being injured, or worse, killed. This motivated me even more to make a bag available for all of my Blue Line family members. Although it doesn’t have everything I want, YET, it’s still something we all need. I keep mine with me while on duty, and always off duty. For more information click the link in our bio. 

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2 thoughts on “Our NEW Tactisling Go Bag!!

  1. Do you guys have a thin blue line flag? I saw you donated one to the 7-11 in roy by Kent’s and I’m interested in buying one

  2. Hi Ryan, yes we do! From our website click on Shop & you will find it there! www. You can also email us at if you have other questions or don’t see it. Thanks!

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